Dia de Muertos

This exhibition is currently happening in Leica Store Singapore at Marina Bay Sands. This collection is a series taken in Mexico in 2018 across different Central and South States of Mexico. The main focus in on people and how they are part of a centennial tradition to honour ancestors and how in Mexico this tradition still holding strong agains the commercial competition of Halloween. June 23rd to August 1st.


La Catrina - The elegant lady of the dead. Parody of Rich Woman.

El Catrin - The elegant man of the dead. Parody of a Rich Man.

Mariachi - One of the most iconic representatives of the Mexican Folk Music.

Altar - Across Cities and Towns, the Altars is a way to honour and bring joy to the beloved ones that part before us

Procession - Kids or adults prepare for long walks showing their respect for the ancestors of their families

Movie Character - Coco was a way (accidentally) to help the world see the celebrations around the dead in Mexico

La Santa Muerte - Controversial pithing the Catholic Church.

Villager Kid - Kids from villages and that survive the pass of the time and colonisation by the Spaniels are part of this celebrations

Honouring - Kids and adults understand the importance of keep remembering their ancestors. If they don’t do, Then they really kill their past.

Diferencia Social - Across Mexico, the juxtaposition of different economical stratus is extremely obvious

Maquillaje - Locals and Tourist, want to be part of the celbrations.

Decoracion Callejera - Small or big, rich or humble, elaborated or simple, arounds the streets are plenty of decorations to admire.